Wireless Internet Cards - Current Offers

Through the use of wireless internet cards, your wireless-enabled device can access blazing fast speeds anywhere within your coverage area. When you take advantage of current savings and incentives, you can utilize these super fast speeds for less than you might think. Review all the current promotions to find the best on-the-go, at home or combination package that will meet your needs and stay within your budget. Now, with the power of wireless internet, you can stay connected wherever you go.

Stay Connected for Less With These Great Savings

Using a wireless card is simple. You just plug it into your laptop's USB port and you'll instantly be connected to a 4G network. Imagine your entire city being a HotSpot and never having outages. This new technology makes that a reality for you.

For most people, the easiest way to find the right wireless card is to work with a vendor like Wirefly. They offer you an option to compare the current promotions and plans available from companies like Verizon and Sprint. These plans can range from pre-paid service that requires no contract or plans that provide you with free equipment and a minimum contract requirement.

Clear Wireless uses a similar technology to on-the-go internet. With this choice, you'll have access to a high speed connection anywhere within your coverage area. New subscribers who sign up today can take advantage of 50% off the price of their modem or wireless card, a free month of service and free activation. On-the-Go internet plans start as low as $20 for unlimited usage and have no data caps. The main advantage of this choice is not having a contract and not paying a monthly fee to lease your wireless card or modem.

Your other option is to lease the device. You'll pay a monthly fee for the use of the wireless card and will be required to sign a 2 year contract. New subscribers who sign a contract can see savings in the form of a free first month of service, no shipping fees for wireless internet cards or modems and no activation fees. On-the-Go plans start as low as $39 for unlimited usage and no data caps. The advantage of this option is not being required to purchase equipment outright.


Finding the best Wireless Internet Service Providers begins with getting informed on your options. Compare plans, discounts and promotions from Wireless Service Providers to find the best value for you.

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