Wireless Internet Access Considerations

Wireless internet access is a newer technology that offers you the ability to access a broadband connection from anywhere within your coverage area. While this technology has been offered for years in major cities, it is rapidly being rolled out in more and more areas around the country. Before you decide if this is the right choice for you, take a moment to learn about the technology behind this new option and to discover the important factors to consider when choosing a provider.

The Technology Behind Wireless Internet

To understand how wireless works you need look no further than your radio. Internet signals are transmitted in virtually the same way that radio signals are transmitted. Your wireless modem interacts with signals to bring you access to super fast speeds no matter where you are.

The main advantage of this type of connection is the flexibility it brings. Through the power of wireless signals your laptop can pick up a connection when you're at home, work, at the beach literally anywhere you are within your coverage area.

There are two main ways to access this connection on your laptop. The first is to buy a wireless card. This plugs into the USB port on your laptop and as long as it's connected and turned on, you can access the internet. The other option is to purchase a laptop that has your provider's modem built in. It's important to note that while most any laptop you purchase will be wireless-enabled, you will need a special modem or a laptop from your provider to access the connection.

As you compare your options there are a few things to think about. First, consider who will be using this connection. If it's just you, you'll only need to purchase a single device. On the other hand, if you have several people in your family that will be using this connection you may need to purchase several devices and check into providers that offer multiple users.

At the moment, Clear Wireless is the best wireless provider. When browsing through their plans remember that you'll have the option to either purchase or lease their equipment. However, if you plan to lease you will be required to sign a 2 year contract. On the other hand, if you purchase the equipment outright you can choose a month to month contract that can be canceled at any time. Right now you can utilize an online only promotion for 50% off equipment fees.

Many believe that wireless internet access is the wave of the future. With high speed connections available anywhere you are, never again will you be cut off from the high paced world of the internet.


Compare wireless internet service promotions in your area to choose the best service for your needs. Check back often as wireless internet for laptop computers is rapidly being rolled out in new markets.

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