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The days of being chained to a computer workstation are over. You can now enjoy complete mobility with your computer or mobile device by signing up with companies like Verizon Wireless Internet. And you don't have to call around or waste time trying to keep the details of different plans fresh in your mind, because they're accessible any time when you look here first for the latest offers. Only the most current deals are here, so you can always be sure you're comparing up-to-date internet connection information.

Take a look at some of the wireless plans offered by Verizon below:


Verizon Wireless

Package Package Details

1 GB Plan
3 GB Plan
5 GB Plan
10GB Plan


Mobile internet access for your tablet, mobile, netbook or notebook.

Prepaid Mobile Broadband

From $15/day

100Mb to 5GB of wireless access for your mobile device. Daily, weekly and monthly plans available.

Mobile Internet For Smart And Feature Phones


2Gb of data allowance per month for your smartphone.

The Many Benefits Of Wireless

Wireless internet relies on radio waves to transmit an broadband signal, which is what makes this technology so desirable. Any device with wireless capability, whether it be a laptop, phone or tablet, can access anywhere within the coverage area.

The applications for wireless are almost limitless. You can check up on the price of your stock, keep up with emails from clients or enjoy a little downtime and surf the net while you wait for an appointment or are on a lunch break. Mobile broadband can be beneficial to anyone who needs internet access while they're on the move.

In addition to convenience, there are many cost advantages as well. For example, a 'hard line' connection like cable requires a more invasive installation; technicians may have to drill through walls and ceilings to run the cable to the rooms in your home where internet access is needed. This is simply not necessary with a wireless connection.

Value, Choice and Technology from Verizon

No matter what you use the internet for or what your budget is, Verizon has a package to fit your lifestyle. And it's also got brand new 4G wireless technology. More powerful than the common 3G connection enjoyed by most mobile broadband users, 4G's goal is to turn large geographic areas, and eventually the country, into one big hotspot.

With 4G technology, you can get higher download speeds and a much more reliable signal wherever you choose to take your internet. Aggressive expansion of the 4G LTE network is slated to be completed nationwide by 2013. Will you be ready for a new way to experience your internet? Verizon Wireless Internet may be available in your area now, and a quick check with your zip code is all it takes to find out! Don't get left behind; 4G technology is already making history!


Wireless internet can provide lots of freedom. For instance, wireless internet service is available nationwide. Another technology that will revolutionize the way you use your online service is 4G wireless. You can check its availability in your area by going online to find out more about Mobile Internet Service.

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