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Finding satellite in your rural area doesn't have to be a challenge when you choose a company that's experienced in their field. Simply by reviewing the Hughes Net satellite internet packages and company information below, you can see how it stacks up against the competition and make an informed decision about whether it's the right provider for you. HughesNet has over 25 years of satellite experience, and is currently available in 48 states.

The Pros And Cons Of The Hughes Net

Before selecting any internet provider, it's important to be aware that much more than price has to be considered. Different companies have different contract requirements and rules about how their access can be used. So knowing the pros and cons of signing up with any broadband company is a good place to start, as it can save you a lot of frustration and money in the long run. You can determine which package suits your internet usage by consulting the chart below:

If You Are: The Package You'll Like Best Is: And It Will Cost:

An occasional internet user who likes to email and surf once in awhile

The Basic at a download speed of 1.0 Mbps

$59.99 per month
*$20 discount for the first three months with mail-in rebate

A moderate internet user who uses social networks, banks online and surfs more than a few times per week

The Power 150 at a download speed of 1.5 Mbps

$79.99 per month
*$20 discount for the first three months with mail-in rebate

A heavy internet user who enjoys downloading music and streaming media

The Power 200 at a download speed of 2.0 Mbps

$109.99 per month
*$20 discount for the first three months with mail-in rebate


Some advantages of having internet with this company include:

  • They offer faster upload and download speeds than other satellite companies, which has earned them a Gold Award at Top Ten Reviews
  • The connection works with both Windows and Mac computers
  • You have 30 days to return your equipment if you're not satisfied with your service
  • An unlimited downloading window


Some disadvantages of having internet with this company include:

  • Posted speeds are not guaranteed, especially during times of peak usage
  • You must limit yourself to 12,000 Mb of downloads per month. Should this cap be exceeded, you could experience internet that is slower than dial-up
  • A cancellation fee is required if you choose to terminate service after 30 days


Finding the right Wireless Internet Service Providers is easier when you have the right resources. Make an informed decision about Satellite Internet Service using this online comparison shopping guide.

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