Compare Wireless Internet Speed Offerings

In order to choose the provider who can offer you the best value, you must compare wireless internet speeds. Browsing through the various options won't do you much good if you don't start off with an understanding of which speed will work for various purposes. Take a moment to consider how you typically use you’re a broadband connection and then choose a speed level that's right for you. The goal is both to find a level that you're comfortable with and to prevent paying for more speed than you need.

Wireless Speed & Usage Availability

Consider your current internet usage and identify where it best fits into the chart below.

Medium Speed Fast Speed Maximum Speed
  • Emailing
  • Online banking
  • Instant messaging
  • Downloading small files such as text documents
  • Streaming short online videos
  • Streaming music
  • Downloading medium files such as Mp3s
  • Streaming full-length movies and TV shows
  • Uploading pictures
  • Downloading large files such as full length movies
  • Uploading videos
  • Online gaming
  • Video messaging

Before you make your final decision you should also consider your future use. Many wireless providers will require a minimum contract of up to 2 years. As a result, it may make sense for you to choose now based on what your anticipated future needs will be. For example, if you plan to subscribe to a service that allows you to stream movies, TV or sports game via your broadband connection, you'd want to take that into consideration.

Also take into account the price difference between these speeds. In many cases you can find online promotions that make the maximum speed only a few more dollars per month than the fast speed. Ask yourself how much it's worth to be able to instantly load videos without buffering, to be able to download without a care and to never worry that your internet won't be able to handle what you need it for. On the other hand, if you compare wireless internet options and discover that you truly won't reap the rewards of a faster connection, than it may not be worth it to you.


Once you know your speed needs you can review wireless internet service providers to choose the right plan for you.

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