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Technology sure has come a long way from those dial-up days. Who would have ever thought then that you could get online just about anywhere you choose to roam? Mobile broadband is one of the most convenient and accessible connections on the market today, and companies like AT&T Wireless Internet are offering exclusive online deals to get you connected for less. The best thing is that you don't have to call companies to research them, because you're already at the best place for high quality, up-to-the-second deals.

4G - The Next Generation Of Wireless

Everyone's familiar with wireless internet, or at least has heard of it. The current 3G technology allows you to get online with your laptop, cell phone or other mobile device anywhere in your coverage area.

But the problem with 3G is that it's often plagued by slowdowns and lots of lag time. That's because 3G technology only allows for a signal if your device is close to where the signal is being broadcast. So when you're out of range, you're out of luck.

4G is the successor to 3G. This new wireless internet technology offers more speed, power and reliability than 3G could ever dream of reaching. With 4G technology, mobile internet users can enjoy their connection wherever they roam at 6 Mbps.

This new generation will also be responsible for incredible flexibility in the future. For example, today you may be able to sync your computer with your cell phone. But 4G will allow you to stay in touch on the go with just about anything, including your car and even your home appliances!

4G technology is currently available in major centers, but is expanding fast. In fact, it may already be in your area. So if you want to enjoy the latest in mobile internet, a quick availability check is all you need to get started.


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