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In many ways, choosing among wireless internet service providers is similar to choosing between other types of broadband. However, with this new technology comes a few new factors to consider. We've taken the time to research the options, to review the plans and to compile the latest deals and promotions. Use the information on this site to compare your options and choose the best provider and plan for your needs.

Comparing Your Options in Wireless Internet

There are numerous factors to compare with wireless that are identical to the factors you'd compare with any other type of service. To begin, you'll consider what speed level you need:


Determine Speed Levels

  • Do you surf the internet every day and engage in heavy bandwidth activities like streaming feature films, downloading music and playing online games? Choosing the highest speed might be necessary
  • If you use the internet rarely and typically for activities like checking email or shopping, it may not be worth it to upgrade to a higher speed.


Most people will require something a speed somewhere in the middle.


Assessment of Plan Structure

Some factors to consider that are unique to wireless, the most important being the flexibility offered. There are currently numerous options available in wireless:

  • home internet
  • on-the-go plans
  • mobile broadband via wireless cards.


Usage Caps

One difference you'll see between wireless and options like DSL or cable is that some wireless internet companies will have monthly caps on the amount of data you can access. In some cases these caps are very high and only affect a very small portion of those using the technology. However, it is essential that you assess any caps that may be in place in order to decide which data plan will work best for you. Be aware of the fees required if you go over your monthly data allotment.



As with most internet options, wireless will require you to purchase or lease new equipment. In most cases, if you purchase the equipment you won't have to sign a minimum contract. Keep an eye out for specials including 50% off of purchased equipment. If you're not ready to commit to purchasing a modem or wireless laptop card, you may also have the option to lease equipment though this will usually require a 2 year minimum commitment.


Time to Compare

Next you'll compare the current plans and promotions. We've compiled comprehensive information on the current promotions that can save you some serious cash on the cost of new equipment, activation and your monthly fees. Check back often as we update this information as it changes.

Which Wireless Service is Right for You?

There are several advantages to choosing wireless internet, including their fast speeds, large coverage areas and extensive plan selection.

The most important thing to remember as you compare plans is that there isn't a single plan that works best for everyone. Instead, it's up to you to use the information we've provided to discover what makes the most sense for you. The basic options you'll have are as follows.


Wireless Home Internet

If you choose this option from Clear Internet, you'll purchase or rent a modem that requires no installation. It's as simple as plugging it into your computer's Ethernet port or your own wireless router. One of the main advantages of this option is its ease of use. No technicians, no installation and no fee is required to get started.


On-the-Go Internet

While home internet can meet the needs of many, those who want internet access anywhere their laptops go will choose on-the-go internet from Clear. With this option, you'll purchase or lease a wireless laptop card that is simply inserted into a USB port. You'll then have instant access to a 4G network.

Clear Wireless also offers bundle services, which allow you to purchase any combination of home internet, on-the-go internet and even unlimited telephone services.


Mobile Broadband

Mobile broadband is offered by companies like Verizon and AT&T and uses cellular technology to provide you with a high speed connection. If you choose this option, you'll be able to create a mobile hotspot anywhere you receive cell reception. There are several cell companies offering wireless cards, but be sure to work through a trusted and established vendor like Wirefly to find the best deal for you.


Find more information on wireless internet providers and learn about the technology behind wireless internet access. Then review the options you'll have in wireless internet for laptop computers including wireless internet cards.

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